Prisoners To Our Pain

Sometimes I feel like a prisoner to pain. My body often attacks itself. As I try to exercise, doing something as simple as walking, my body turns on itself. When I hope for freedom and for success — it is pain that gets in the way. I am sidelined to rest because the pain is excruciating. I am forced to spend time with heating pads or ice and emergency chiropractor visits. When I take the time to rest for one condition, another condition is not happy to have the rest. Too often, I have been a prisoner to this pain. Still, I keep pressing forward and have hope for the victory.

The Psalmist wrote, “Some of us once sat in darkness, living in the dark shadows of death. We were prisoners to our pain, chained to our regrets” (Psalm 107:10 TPT). Consider this — prisoners to pain, chained to regrets. Does this seem like you? Are you a prisoner to pain? Are you chained to regrets? Are you going through something right now that has you trapped? Is there something from the past that still haunts you today? Do you feel trapped, chained down, a prisoner? Is something keeping you from pressing forward?

Earlier I mentioned the I keep pressing forward and have hope for the victory. This is what you have too! We all have hope. His name is JESUS! We do not have to sit in darkness. He is Light. We do not need to live in the dark shadows of death. He offers us Resurrection and Life. We do not have to remain chained down from the past because He is making ALL things new. We will not be forever sidelined from pain and regrets. Friends, give your pain to Jesus. Give your past to Jesus. Lay down your burdens. Give it all to Him. He is our hope. He is our victory. Keep pressing forward.

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